Broken Bolt Removal Case Study #1

Day 1

We received a call from Mitsubishi Power Systems. Their Wolf Hollow plant in Grandbury, Texas was performing maintenace and urgently needed two large broken bolts removed from a lower turbine casing. We were able to meet all of their vendor setup requirements and obtain a vendor number within 3 hours. We then received the purchase order from Mitsubishi, loaded our equipment and departed from Long Beach, CA.

Day 2

Travel to job site.

Day 3 and 4

We arrived on the job site and set up our equipment to extract the broken bolts from the turbine. Using our high powered portable metal disintegration equipment, we were able to safely remove the broken bolts from the turbine casing without any damage or warping. As you can see from the pictures, accesibility was limited. Our Cammann equipment is designed for quick, accurate, portable on-site disintegration of broken bolts in large stationary equipment, heavy vehicles, shipboard or a shop facility. Because we have portable, rugged, all angle, 8 motion, 4 axis, 360 degree rotation, SQSS Superstructure mounted on a magnet base, we were able to adjust our equiment to their access limitations. The highly efficient spark erosion, metal disintegration or MDM process saved Mitsubishi Power Systems time, money and costly employee resources during a hectic maintenance cycle.

Broken Bolt Removal Case Study #2

Day 1

We were contacted by Mechanical Services On Site (SOS) based in Belgium. Their client, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), needed broken bolts removed in the engine room of one of their shipping vessels, the MSC Peggy. The MSC Peggy would only be docked in the port for 23 hours and the clock was ticking. Mechanical Services On Site’s equipment was already in use in Europe and time was of the essence. We were asked to cooperate with Mechanical SOS to get the job done for MSC. We were able to obtain a purchase order and deploy to the Port of Houston, Texas where we would meet our Mechanical SOS contact. Our company is happy to assist engineering and maintenance teams to get their jobs done!

Day 2

Travel Time

Day 3

Klein Industrial Services and Mechanical SOS worked together to remove crucial engine bolts on schedule. Working in engine rooms and other situations which have accessiblity limitations is not an issue for us and our portable equipment. Our equipment features a removable 25' remote control unit, incoming line G.F.I. with lockout breaker enclosure and a self- contained power unit mounted on a detachable hand truck. Ultimately, the capabilities of our metal disintegration machinery allows our clients to achieve their maintenance goals in a cost-effective manner which include broken bolt removal.