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Broken Bolt Removal Service Process

Step 1

Dispatched to an oil refinery during a recent shutdown. Stud removal services were needed to remove hundreds of stripped studs on several gate valves.

Step 2

Here is a close up picture of the broken studs. Using other bolt and stud removal methods is less desireable as the metal disintegration process does not heat the metal causing damage or warping.

Step 3

An electrode, held in the head of the disintegrator, vibrates as it cuts while a coolant is pumped through the electrode to wash away the powdered metal. The cutting action of a metal disintegrator is accomplished by creating a series of intermittent electric arcs that break down the hardest metals into minute particles.

Step 4

Our master technician at work. Our equipment is designed for quick, accurate, portable on-site disintegration of broken tools in large stationary equipment, heavy vehicles, shipboard or shop facility.

Step 5

After the broken bolt or stud has been disintegrated we are left with the stud casing which can easily be removed at this point.

Step 6

After the broken stud or bolt is completely removed, the threads are cleaned up and the diameter of the original hole is unchanged.

Step 7

The final result...