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Metal Disintegrators

They are primarily used for bolt removal, tap removal, stud removal, drill removal and seized or broken bolts. The process can also be used for roll marking or branding for rebar identification, tool and die work and metallurgical core sampling. The cutting action of a metal disintegrator is accomplished by creating a series of intermittent electric arcs that break down the hardest metals into minute particles. An electrode, held in the head of the disintegrator, vibrates as it cuts while a coolant is pumped through the electrode to wash away the powdered metal.

Our Machines

Klein Industrial Sevices uses two Camman metal disintegrators that are designed for quick, accurate, portable on-site disintegration of broken tools in large stationary equipment, heavy vehicles, shipboard or shop facility. They are portable, rugged, all-angle, 8-motion, 4-axis with 360 degree rotation superstructures – mounted an a magnetic base.

Key Benefits

  • Most powerful and fastest cutting machine built in the world
  • All new SQSS electrode positioner
  • Incoming line G.F.C.I., with lockout circuit breaker enclosure
  • Multiple input line voltages
  • 5 year warranty on machine and components.
  • Tubular steel fork truck base for easy loading and unloading at jobsite
  • Bolt-on casters for easy mobility in customer's facility


Designed for portable continuous on-site disintegration of large diameter broken tools from 1/4" to any size tap, drill, or stud. Disintegrates nozzle block bolts, thermal shields, fuel rod assemblies, steam generator tubes, and cuts remotely at sublevels in the plant and underwater. Machine can disintegrate continuously, it is built and designed to run at 100% duty cycle. Heavy duty 20 kva power supply, with cammann built thermal overload protected transformers. Secondary cooling system remains on for 10 minutes after machine is de-energized, for additional internal cooling. Portable rugged all angle, 8 motion, 4 axis 360 degree rotation, sqss superstructure, mounted on a magnet base. Removable remote control unit, with 25' of cable extensions to the power unit (optional extension available). 12' separation of remote control unit to sqss positioner (optional extension available). Allows operator complete control at point of cut. Automatic disintegration, complete and ready to operate with cammamatic feed, and auto depth shutoff. Cammamatic feed prevents skewing of electrode. Lockable storage unit for all interconnecting cables. 2"-8 stud, 4" deep, 60 minute cutting time. 3 1/2"-8 stud, 7" deep, 3 hours cutting time. 4"-8 stud, 8" deep, 5 1/2 hours cutting time.

Model C-35 SQSS RC

This disintegrator has a removable remote control unit with 25 feet of cable extesions to the unit. It has a 12' seperation of remote control unit to SQSS positioner allowing operator complete control at point of cut.  The disintegrator also has automatic disintegration, complete and ready to operate with "camma-matic" feed, and auto depth shutoff. "Camma-matic" feeds prevents skewing of electrodes. It operates with heavy duty 20 KVA power supply built-in thermal overload protection transformers.

Key Benefits

  • All new SQSS electrode positioner
  • Removable 25' remote control unit
  • Incoming line G.F.I., with lockout breaker enclosure
  • Self contained power unit mounted on detachable hand truck
  • Allows operator complete control at point of cut